First there was the word, then there were ideas. Because of ideas, humanity discovered its planet and set foot on the moon. Every great achievement combined creative minds and a devil-may-care attitude – which is why we are always looking for innovative projects and new challenges.

We have successfully accompanied the following projects:



The plattform is a complex solution made simple. Previously, fishermen had to travel to specific shops and private houses to obtain a license for their fishing trip. Our solution allows the online-purchase of said licenses, reducing time and ressources as well as providing the licenser with detailed information and statistics.



BIBLIOBAGS® were created where they were needed the most: at a university library.

Each visitor and student entering the library had to put his bags and backpacks in a locker and carry his belongings by hand. Laptop, pens, books and water bottle had to be balanced while opening doors and searching for a free space. Due to lacking acrobatic skills, the transparent bags now know as BIBLIOBAGS® were invented to solve this troublesome situation, simultaneously allowing the library to stay in control of what was taken inside.



crewbands is a smart POB-solution for every member of your crew.

We have developed an amazing app with lots of useful additional features. Our hardware is able to detect any POB-incident, combined with a smart water sensor. And the best part, is that our app is not only easy to use, it is also compatible with third-party devices. So bring out your smartwatch or fitness tracker, and try it out.



myBIBLIOBAG were designed to give students a durable and transparent bag.

Just as their free counterpart BIBLIOBAGS®, myBIBLIOBAG is modelled for the specific use in libraries, but can also be used in daily situations. They can be used in supermarkets, at airports, when shopping, at events or festivals; whenever transparency is needed, myBIBLIOBAG is there to help.



Wether you want to share pictures with your family, find the address of that famous bar or send an urgent mail – once you’re abroad, the start for the next café with free WiFi starts. Until now, because with there is an easy solution. Simply choose the data package and rental time you want, we’ll send you a readily prepared portable WiFi-router.

When you’re done, just put the router in the next mailbox – easy & fast.


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